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The first online training meeting of Psoriasis tour, Dandelion Action and GPA in 2020 was successfully held

Source:Chinese Psoriasis Congress    Date:2020/09/26    Browse:2187 second

        For further advance psoriasis slow disease management, the standard diagnosis and treatment of patients with psoriasis by psoriasis skin venereology branch of Chinese medical association professional committee and health services in anhui province association of psoriasis speak, dandelion action refers to southern China in 2020 and GPA online training meeting, the first in September 25, 2020 in optimal wheat successfully convened a doctor online platform.


        The meeting by the lab director of dermatology, anhui medical university, Ministry of Education, anhui skin disease clinical research center director, psoriasis, director of the center for Sun Liangdan professor and deputy director of the first hospital affiliated to China medical university dermatologist, WeiJianWei / / immune dermatology in liaoning province key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, deputy director of the XiaoTing chaired by professor. Jiangsu province people's hospital (the first affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university), professor, director of dermatology LuYan dalian vice dean and psoriasis skin disease hospital medical discipline leaders Lv Chengzhi professor, anhui medical university first affiliated hospital skin venereal coco zai-xing wang, director of the professor, southern medical university shenzhen hospital skin beauty and STD coco, director professor yan-hua liang, skin venereology branch of Chinese medical association professional committee and the international psoriasis psoriasis and monitoring project (GPA) China secretary zheng-wei zhu, Ph.D., More than 600 people, including members of GPA China Committee, persons in charge of psoriasis demonstration clinic and special disease clinic, members of Psoriasis Research Center, national dermatology colleagues and business representatives, attended the online meeting.



        Meeting hosted by professor Sun Liangdan in the first half, by professor LuYan do first "2018 China psoriasis interpretation guidelines", the new guide is in the "2008 China psoriasis treatment guidelines", "2014 China psoriasis treatment expert consensus" basis, in combination with the current trend of the development of summary, professor LuYan respectively from psoriatic definition, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and classification of the severity and the treatment of various aspects has carried on the detailed explanation, looking forward to the dermatologist under the guidance of guide to further standardize medical behavior;


        Lv Chengzhi professor made the biological treatment of psoriasis expert consensus interpretation, to develop consensus basis, consensus cover a range of biological agents, all kinds of recommendation and selection based on the clinical application of biological agents, the application of biological treatment of principles and recommendations, biological treatment before the screening and treatment of monitoring, biological agents, and other treatment methods in the process of joint application, the curative effect of biological treatment of attenuation phenomenon and countermeasures, such as the application of special crowd biological agents for a detailed analysis;


        Zai-xing wang, professor in the 20 s, open the biological treatment of 2.0, based on the interpretation of psoriasis inflammation mechanism, are analyzed in detail from TNF alpha to IL - 17 a psoriasis treatment targets of evolutionary history, through a number of research data at home and abroad, confirmed that IL - 17 a inhibitor on the efficacy, safety and technology advancement, opens the biological treatment of psoriasis and 2.0 times.


        Meeting hosted by professor XiaoTing in the second half, Dr Zheng-wei zhu the 2020 China psoriasis monitoring project (CGPA) is introduced, GPA is a long-term project, is for the purpose of continuous improvement on psoriasis cognition, and reveal its affect how individuals and the society as a whole, the first phase focused on in the prevalence of psoriasis and epidemic situation, future plans to increase the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis, complications work and improve patients' quality of life, economic burden, etc. The objective of CGPA is to understand the distribution, disease status, disease burden, economic burden and quality of life of psoriasis patients in China. The establishment of a psoriasis research cohort, long-term follow-up of patients, to improve the status of health care for psoriasis, reduce the burden on patients, improve the quality of life of patients, so as to provide information for China's research on the disease, policy and health care. At the present stage, GPA psoriasis patients are recruited to participate in psoriasis questionnaire nationwide based on GPA China monitoring site and psoriasis specialty clinic, and the epidemiological survey of GPA psoriasis patients is completed. Then Dr. Zhu Zhengwei explained the roles, steps and information input involved in the investigation system in an all-round way.


        In patients with "dandelion, popular science education", based on the survey data of shenzhen yan-hua liang professor, did the research of biological treatment of psoriasis and real world report, from shenzhen psoriasis single point small flow analysis, psoriasis biological preparation treatment of the key points, all kinds of biological agents to summarize and efficacy analysis of various biological agents and biological agents share related risk analysis Angle, and shows the rich biological preparation special/typical cases of psoriasis treatment.


        Finally by Sun Liangdan professor and professor XiaoTing made a summary of the meeting, the meeting is about 2020 psoriatic refers to the southern, dandelion action and GPA online training meeting for the first, the meetings will be held across the country this year for a total of six in 32 games, covering psoriasis epidemiological investigation, new diagnosis and treatment progress, popular science propaganda and so on various aspects, believe that under the impetus of the meeting, in the special committee of psoriasis, psoriasis ZhuanBing clinics, psoriasis research center, and the joint efforts of China's GPA members units, perfecting China psoriasis data, provide the basis for the disease research, We will further promote standardized diagnosis and treatment based on the guidelines to benefit the majority of patients with psoriasis in China.

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